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Europe, which the world looks upon as the model of civilization, has many members who keep a dirty little secret: animal porno. This issue has become so banal in some countries that it is openly allowed by their laws, in total disregard to animal cruelty and suffering. The Netherlands, which hides under the umbrella that it is the most free country in Europe where all is allowed (including tolerance to drug use) permits all sorts of animal sexual abuses. Indeed it is considered the center of the animal porno industry, and it is said that 65% of all animal porno finds its origin in the Netherlands.

Denmark is another country that is quite open about animal pornography, and it is worse: Raping animals is not only allowed, but they profit from it. We have always known that Denmark was a liberal country, what most people ignore is that raping animals in that country is not only allowed but a thriving business for some so called farmers and people who get an income from selling their hapless animals to rapists.

Attempts to end this type of cruelty have been made, but they are always met with the utmost complacency that closely resembles mockery. Below is a public statement from the Chairman of the Council for Animal Ethics in Denmark, Peter Sandøe:

"It is OK to have sex with an animal as long as no suffering is inflicted on the animal. If you know about animals you immediately know if it hurts in any way. And if anyone harms an animal, it is against the law. Therefore there is no need to change the law, I think that the important and basic principle to "let sexual minorities do as they please as long as they don´t hurt others" would be violated by a total ban against sex with animals."

The questions: Are the animals consenting to have sex with humans? Do they feel pain? Do they get hurt? How are we to know when we do not speak their language and when the poor defenseless victims find themselves overpowered by cowardly hands? Would an animal abuser come out in the open to say that his victim suffered or even died during the intercourse? Could anyone trust an animal abuser to tell the truth?

Animal porno is the kind of abuse that happens away from people's sight and the animals suffer in silence.

In light of the above statement, "as long as it is not hurting others" then it is OK: What will come next? Sex with children as long it is not hurting others? Animals are just as vulnerable as children since they cannot defend themselves, and are overpowered by fear. What is in question here is NOT the rights of a minority to do as they please, it is the right of victims who cannot voice their feelings and let alone defend themselves.


Who checks that the rapist knows about animals or cares if the animal is hurting? As a matter of fact these acts more than often involve sadism, and sadists do it to painfully subdue their victims.

Who controls the condition of the animals after the rapes? Are the “farmers” and keepers of animals for sex required to have a licence, tax payments, health controls?

What is the criteria used in raping animals? Their size, species? Based on information that can be found on the internet, no animal is safe unless they are too small for a penis: Horses, dogs, cats? rabbits? There are pictures of raped cats and puppies (killed in the act) on the internet that are beyond comtempt and makes a shameful mockery of the human race. Somehow, the joke of having sex with the sheep is not funny anymore.

Animals live according to their particular physiologies and their bodies are equipped for having sex with their own species when the season is right. Just as children are not physically equipped to have sex with adults and when it happens it is always rape, so it is with non-human animals and their rape should also be punished by law. Many countries punish rape in their animal protection legislations, it is high time that Denmark and other permissive country shamelessly stopped justifying the indefensible.


The lack of attention to this issue is unthinkable, and one can only hypothesize as to why not. Here are a few ideas:

Firstly, blantantly gruesome animal suffering in this world of ours abounds at all levels, and animal caretakers are merely keeping their heads above water to help animals. Therefore, the most difficult aspect of animal welfare is to prioritize and what is understood by priorities are those closely visible to the eyes. Animal rapes happen far from sight and no one really knows what happen to the victims, unless a picture here or there appears of small animals who died of rape.

Secondly, because this is such a shameful act, most people, and specially politicians may be embarrassed to address it, and as long as people are not complaining, then all is well.

Thirdly, animal pimps (owners of animal sex farms) are keeping quiet and hiding their dirty secrets very well to cash in, so it is just natural that they will not talk in order to cover up animal suffering as direct result of rape.


Yes, a few brave animal caring people have tried to bring this up to legislators, but they all met with sheer lack of interest and almost mockery. For example: In Denmark, a petition with 40,000+ signatures were collected and addressed to the powers that be, but in the end it was dismissed as a morality issue. It was stated that these acts are practiced by a minority and banning the practice would be taking away their rights.

In the Netherlands, which is graced by several political parties that care for the animals and the environment, the PvdA party is outraged by animal porno and here is a comment from one of their members:

"ANP, 2 september 2007 15:15

The PvdA has made a proposal to change the law concerning sex with animals, and Senator

Harm Evert Waalkens (PvdA) wishes to forbid the making and selling of animal porno. “I want to put an end to the perverse actions of animal sex. I also want makers and sellers of animal porno to face a prison sentence of 3 years”

THE NEWS: Virtually no comments are ever made about this theatre macabre, but every so often one may surface such as this:

PETA says barnyard brothels 'revolting'

Worse yet, 1/2 of U.S. states don't have anti-bestiality laws

Editor's note: Parental discretion is advised for this story. It includes material many will consider offensive.

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